Carol Collins-Matza

Founder & CEO



Public Relations

Hi my name is Carol Collins-Matza and I founded Provision Enterprises LLC in 2007. I have been in the Broadcast and Public Relations industry for over twenty-five years. My career is a somewhat mixed bag of experience.  My love for storytelling has found me behind and in front of the camera as well as in front of a computer screen utilizing the ever growing medium of social media to get my client’s stories told locally, nationally and globally.  For several years I had the good fortune to produce an entertainment/news morning show at an ABC affiliate in Tulsa Oklahoma. I transformed my love of producing into creating my own home design show as well as several other shows and commercials.

Provision Enterprises LLC offers many avenues in which to “get the word out”,  including, but not limited to, press release writing and distribution, video script writing and production, article and story writing as well as marketing and media consulting.


I am a published author of several childrens books and articles ranging from travel spots to entertainment bios.


Many of my clients, most of which are in the music and entertainment industry have hired me rather than one of the large PR or Publicist companies because they get very prompt and personalized attention.  I’m blessed to have access to a team of professionals to come on board when a project is larger than a one-woman show can facilitate.


I enjoy music, writing, travel and spending time with family, friends and my beloved dog Charlie in my spare time.


Check out my video resume above with the many amazing people I either interviewed myself or booked on the morning show I produced while at the ABC affiliate KTUL.

My trusty office assistant Charlie.  He hangs with me in the office all day.  Love this sweet boy, he even stops to smell the flowers!


"We Love to Tell Your Story"

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